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So I just happened to read my last entry, expressing my sorrow and hope for the Winter Break.  Wanted to update:

I'm back at school now.  Winter break is over.  And it was magical and wonderful and more than I hoped it would be.  :)  

Love came.  Love went.  But love never really goes away.

And I spent lots of time with my family-friends, ghost-hunting and exercising, drinking coffee and geocaching.  It was a good winter.

And now I'm back at school.  And it's been a great semester so far.  I'm much more centered, in-the-moment, and happy. 

So, reminder to myself for when I'm sad and going through hard times:  They get better again.  Better than before.  

So it's 5:30am.  I have to wake up at 9:30am.  Then somehow find time to write a paper, finish reading this awesome Murakami book, watch Ikiru, go to class, write another paper, and go to class again to take a final.  Then I have work.  Oh, caffeine, please don't fail me now.

But, all that said and done, the semester is over.  In four days I'll be in Raleigh again.  It looks like it won't be the Winter Break I've been dreaming of all semester.  It won't be summer again, with coffee, pool, and geocaching.  But maybe it can be something even better.

I've been re-connecting with some estranged friends.  Amber and I are hanging out again, and it looks like Chelsea and I will have some girl time as well.  Since those friendships meant and mean a lot to me, I'm looking forward to rekindling.  Plus I get to spend some time with not-so-estranged friends, like Greg and John and my cousin Jack.  Old friends are good.  We have holiday parties in the works, and I'm really looking forward to a cozy Christmas with my family-type friends, the people who, for better or for worse, have been a part of my life for many years now.

So another semester is over.  Just two left. 

It could be the lack of sleep + caffeine overdosing, but I feel strangely nostalgic.  I'm coming back home -- again.  I'll see old friends and new.  I'll have coffee dates at Third Place.  Life isn't perfect right now, but I'm where I need to be, and I have happiness.  And I can feel good things coming in on the wind.  Love is everywhere.  I can feel it.

I just wrote this story.  It's one I've been wanting to write for a long time.   It's a rough draft, so I'm looking for feedback and advice.  I'm considering adding more to the story, like writing the same major event from different perspectives.  Perhaps one from the pilot, and one from another person in the city.  Then I'd connect them together in a short story, which is a series of "Flash fiction" entitled Flash, which I think fits with the theme of the story.  Any advice is welcome and appreciated!

      The clicking of Hisako’s heels on the sidewalk sounded like the ticks of a clock.  I’m late, she thought, and with each step I’m reminded how quickly time passes.  There goes one moment—click—and another.  If I don’t hurry, he’ll know something’s wrong.  He’ll find out where I’ve really been.
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Amy, Laura, Wes, Melissa, and I conducted the first UNCA "Smile!" project last Friday. It went overwhelmingly well. A few additions have been made to the 'original' project as conducted by Uggets, Go Ugg on the roadtrip.

Laura began painting lots of miniature signs. They have great variety and tons of creativity. They're colorful; some have scenes of mountains or flowers, and they all say "Smile!" We passed them out to people who wanted them. We hand-painted 35 of them, which I erroneously thought would be WAY TOO MANY. But no... we ran out of them extremely quickly, as people wanted to be involved, too! The small signs also had the Get Up and Go logo and a list of small random acts of kindness that could be done by individuals. And they all said: "Peace begins with a smile. - Mother Theresa."

I found out today from my friend Griffin that news of our smiles spread all the way to a middle school, where he tutors kids. He said the kids came in, super pumped up about visiting UNCA, where people were carrying around signs that said "Smile!" He said they were very excited about it, and he smiled because he knew it was our group who was doing it that day. :) So I'm excited that, unbeknownst to us, our efforts spread out into the Asheville community!

Yay! I wonder how much further this project--and other, past smile projects--have spread... without us ever realizing. :)

So go do a good deed, people! No matter how small, it seems the ripples may go further than you realize.

So I decided I wanted to do a random nice thing for my friends. I went to Ingles and bought some flowers, then wrote sweet notes about friendship and taped a note and a flower to all my friend's doors. I got Melissa to help me. We were SO ninja!

But anyways, when I was at Ingles, I picked up a bundle of yellow flowers. It looked like from that alone I'd definitely have enough to go around. But then I saw some very pretty lavender tulips. They just seemed to be calling to me, and they were only $2.00. I figured, why not? I can always use extra and give flowers to my teachers, too! So I picked up both bundles.

Something funny happens when you carry flowers. People just smile at you. Like you're special just because you have flowers. Maybe they can tell you're about to give them to somebody special, and they're smiling at the thought of such kindness. So everyone was smiling at me.

When I got to the register, an old lady got in line behind me as I was being rung up. "What pretty flowers!" she said to me.

"Oh, thank you," I said, smiling.

"Do you have purple in your home somewhere?"

"Oh, they're not for me!" I answered.

Now, I'd already decided that I wanted to give her a flower even before she commented. So I gathered up my good deed courage and turned to her before I left. I broke a purple tulip off for her.

Her eyes lit up. "Oh, dear," she smiled, "You didn't know this, but... When I came in to the store I had wanted to somehow get just one flower because it's my husband's birthday today...."

Of course, at this point I'm certain the universe pulled me to buy those purple flowers just so I would have the opportunity to give one to this nice lady. So I broke off another flower for her and said, "Here. One for you and your husband."

She smiled so big. "Dear, I feel like I've known you my whole life! Thank you!" And she gave me a hug right there in the aisle.

I drove home with tears in my eyes, thanking the universe for giving me the chance to do something so nice.

Thought for the day, on good deeds and saving the world and stuff. Sort of brought down my delusions of saving the world in a grandiose way.

"In the greater scheme or the big picture, nothing we do matters. There’s no grand plan, no big win…. And if there is no great glorious end to all this--if nothing we do matters--then all that matters is what we do. Because that’s all there is: What we do, now, today. If there is no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness is the greatest thing in the world." - Angel, "Epiphany"

If there's no God, no eternal life, no rewards, no universal code of ethics, no heaven, no nirvana, no superheroes, no need to save the entire world, but instead only this very moment and what we do with it... hmm, it changes my perspective a little bit.

Also, I'm moving to Asheville on Wednesday. Goodbye, Raleigh-folk.

A friend of mine just posted an article in which Dumbledore's sexual orientation is revealed by J.K. Rowling--as well as many other spoilers that happen AFTER book 7!

She apparently received a standing ovation when announcing Dumbledore's orientation and his love interest: Grindelwald. I think this further explains Dumbledore's blindness when it came to Grindelwald's evil. We all get kind of wacky when we're in love--even Dumbledore.

Here's the article!


Always a good cat.

Smokey, my kitty and companion of 18 years, passed away today. He was an amazing soul, always kind and protective. He was a very good friend. I've known him for most of my life. But today we had to say goodbye.

Please send a kind thought, or a prayer, or a wish out to the universe, so he can hear it as he passes through.

"Do not be dismayed by goodbyes. A goodbye is necessary for meeting again. And meeting again is certain for those who are friends." - Richard Bach

I love you, Smokey. You are my friend.

What's been your biggest influence in making you a better writer?
Life itself is my creative source. The trees have memories; the wind has a pulse. I walk outside and the stones themselves breathe, whispering, “Tell our stories.”

A quick rundown of my adventures:

- Spur-of-the-moment weekend trip to D.C. to see a concert and explore the town. Flogging Molly was awesome. Jigs are awesome. Moshing is scary. Learned that I could travel and have awesome adventures with just some friends. :)

- St. Patty's Day. Me, Chelsea, Paul, Mike, and Justin running around downtown Raleigh finding concerts and getting lost.

- Carborro day-trip with Chelsea. Just explored, got coffee, had dinner, and looked at art.

- Daytrip to Boone with Chelsea, Paul, Jack, and John, who lives in Boone. Lots of hiking, climbing on rocks, and mountain fun.

- Flirted with Josh Groban. How unexpected is THAT?

- Decemberist concert. Rocked out, went on stage and sang and danced with the Decemberists. r0x0rz!

- Boxbomb and He is Legend concert in Carborro! More day-trips and rocking out!

- Asheville trip for camping and checking out my future hometown (if all goes well). Mountain fun again!

- Smile! project with Chelsea, Jack, and Paul at the flea market! Also "Free Hugs!"

- Lots of midnight runs around Shelly Lake and coffee shop hijinx.

- Lots of skateboarding with Paul. :)

Yes... this has been my month. Traveling, concerts, and adventures. I haven't had such an exciting month in a long time! I haven't updated much, though I've had so much to say. I've just been so busy. I'm so happy to finally have a group of friends that loves to get together and do stuff, a group of people that care about each other and have fun together and that I can rely on and even do good deed projects with!

Thanks, everyone, for sharing such an awesome month with me! Let's keep it going through summer, yah?

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